The Town of Gagnon is now a ghost town since the buildings were torn down in 1985. It was founded in 1960 due to the presence of significant iron ore deposits which were mined using an open pit by the Quebec Cartier Mining Company.

My family lived there from 1962 to 1963 since my late father Albert Dietlein worked as an instrumentation technician at the mine. At the time I was a boy who attended public school for a short period in the town.

I have placed these photographs from our family album on the web so that those who are interested might know how the town actually looked when it was still standing.

I have never been back but I understand that only a few roads and sidewalks remain to mark the spot of what was once a living community of miners and their families.

All these photographs were taken 1962 to 1963.


Gagnon 1962

Lac Jeannine United Church in the background

Along the Main Street


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